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Evo Globe3T
Evo Globe3T
Evo Globe3T
Evo Globe3T
Evo Globe3T
Evo Globe3T


fleche Equipment on a basis of bike components (13 kg).
It benefits of other assets.




fleche Mountain Scooter EVO Light.


Designed for a more technical, faster, more air piloting style, suiting very well to the persons used to drive a Mountain Bike DH or avid of strong sensations.

Technical description :

. Frame Alu 6061 T4-T6 with a profiled tube.

. Ground clearance enhanced (17.5 cm). Upper superior angle.

. Mechanical brake Avid discs 180 AV and 160 AR.

(Hydraulic brakes on option). Hydraulic fork DIRT Model SECTOR from RockSock, 130 for the clearance.

. Arch 150/250 mm type BMX chromo.

. Wheel with wheel rim 24’ double walls DH gone up in 36 beams Mach1.

. Wheel axis crossing diam. Back 12 mm. And 20 mm
high-end front, hubs.

. Tire 24’ x 2.50 taken up DH strengthened with inner tubes offering a better resistance to flats.

. Tip of handlebard in Alu to respond to safety standards.

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Cluster Montagne

Entreprise labellisée

SAV globe3T

          20, rue du Drevet
          Véranne France
          Phone: +33 6 50 20 06 37

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