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Evo Globe3T
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Evo Globe3T


flecheThe all-terrain scooter Evo Globe3T is particularly well suited to the training of sled dogs.

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Sherpa evo is more and more on great demand by the ordinary mushers but also by several professionals who use it like a real working tool in season without snow.        
A machine which symbolizes the safety by its brake system and its stability on every type of land.

An unequally piloting comfort with a position and similar sensations to sledging.
The hitch Musher is a special accessory to scooters Evo.

Frédéric Berthon developed, it has the advantage of being hinged to the frame by a rotation axis which gives it freedom of movement vertical and transverse.
This process provides a line feature that adapts to the movements of their dogs without rounding the back. Optimum work safely.

fleche Since 2010, we are partners with Nicolas Vaniers’s Camp and the Big Odyssey.





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