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Evo Globe3T
Evo Globe3T
Evo Globe3T
Evo Globe3T
Evo Globe3T
Evo Globe3T


fleche Ideal for scooter initiation all terrain.
Equipment on a basis of motorcycle components
(weight : 20.5 kg).
A product easy to pilot, stable and reassuring, adapted to every public.


fleche This range was developed in response to the expectations of our customers.


A weight reduction has been realized in order to guarantee the reliabilty and the efficency of the products. Bigger base-feet dimensions keep a very good grip. A structural and protective clog (6 mm in thickness) is declined on all the range. Stheathed cables have been integrated into the frame.
The center of gravity is very low for a maximum of stability, piloting pleasure (racing sledge) and sensations.
An innovative, modern design with fluid curves and profiles tubes.

Ideal for the initiation on any land. Equipment on a basis of composing motorcycle weight (20.5 kg).
A product easy to pilot, stable and adaptable to every kind of users. 


Technical description :

. Alu frame 6061 T4-T6 with profiled tube.
. Mechanical brake Avid disc 180 AV and 160. AR.
(Hydaulic brakes on option) Ground clearance
(15 cm to 17 cm).
. Mechanical EBR with progressive spring.
(Optional hydraulic fork) forks.
. Top of range arch motorcycle in French alu manufactured.
. Motorcycle wheel (17’) (22’ in correspondence Mountain Bike) 28 beams new wheel hub manufactured in the mass.
. Axis of wheel crossing diam. 12 mm.
. Motorcycle tyre very resistant in the abrasion in 17’ x 2.50 with a strong air volume working in low pressure (1 KG AR and 800 gr AV).
. Flats limited at least.
. Life cycle esteemed to 2 – 3 seasons.
. Tips of handlebar in Alu to assure safety standards.
. A patch identifying your machines, useful for you and for your customers by giving a competition style.





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