The Model FatScoot Electric Junior version.

Battery 14.5 A/h and charger 2 or 3 A/h included. Autonomy identical to the adult models from 30 to 40km on Vallonné course.

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The only FAT Junior electric scooter version for 4-season use.

The FAT junior is a well-suited product for ages 6 to 11. It is designed for the safety of your children.
You can adjust the maximum speed of use, the power of it is reduced in our workshop. The brake levers are adjustable for children's fingers, they are equipped with an engine power cut.
The tires in 20 ' x4 ' are very comfortable in suspension, they ensure a very good adhesion.
Like her elder, she is able to ride on the sand, the snow, get off singles with a lot of ease.
Its simplicity of design is a real asset for professionals.
Available in Backpack version or bottle battery set on frame.

  • frame : Aluminum 6061 T4/T6 Double butted.
  • Frame color : acid green anodized
  • Fork : black Chromo steel.
  • AV/AR wheel : 20 ″ black rim, 36 stainless steel spokes, 20x 4 ' ' Tyre.
  • AV/AR brake : Hydraulic with electric 160mm motor cut-off.
  • handlebar : Black anodized Alu, black diameter 31.8 rise 80.
  • Grip : Double Lock-on handles.
  • stem : Forged aluminum 31.8, black anodized angle 17 °.
  • Steering Game : Semi-integrated, 1.1/8 ″ ~ 1.5 ″ black anodised HEAD tapper.
  • foot rest : Reinforced Grip.
  • full weight : 17kg
Electric part

500W nominal brushless motor 48v (800w peak)
Motor output cable Protection
Controller 22a (lowered power for children)
trigger Throttle Handle
display or digital control screen With:
– 5 power modes.
– 1 km/h mode (pedestrian area and sidewalk)
– Instant and Average speed display
– Mileage achieved or accumulated
-battery charge Level
Drums (French manufacturing) Lithium manganese cell Panasonic 48V 14 A/h (backpack or bottle) 800 to 1000 full refills
Charger 4 2 or 3 A
Specific Backpack: (developed with a French manufacturer)
– Reinforced dorsal Protection for non-homologated driver
– Battery-specific compartment maintained by 3 scratchs, protective foam, extension outlet
– Personal effect compartment and water pocket compartment.
– Comes with a rain or mud protective cover.
Connection backpack controller by extension and connections Anderson. Motor connectors, controller, display, water-resistant.

Produced in accordance with the decree on EDP (personal transport equipment) which will come into force on 1 July 2020 by amending the Highway Code.


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