The Model FatScoot Junior version. 6 to 11 years old.
Sharing a mushing outing with your child is a real pleasure.

  • Our hitch bars are specific to our scooters. They fit on any frame of our range. They are articulated according to 2 directions.
    In vertical so that the line of stroke follow the elevation of the terrain, allowing the dog to work with the back as flat as possible.
    horizontally, to level the unanticipated change of direction of the pack for your safety.

    • 55 €
    • 55 €
    • 55 €

The only scooter FAT Junior version for 4 seasons use.

An ideal scooter for a hitch with one dog, for a safe learning experience

This scooter is reassuring by its stability, by its hanging on the ground, it is laid.
Equipped with wide tires in 4 ' its adhesion is exceptional. A 4 seasons product, able to ride on sand, snow, borrow singles with a lot of ease despite its somewhat trucker look that surprises and makes it attractive.
The FS20 is comfortable by its natural suspension of large tires. Its simplicity of design is a real asset for the maintenance.
The ground clearance is 12cm which remains a good compromise for the practice of all terrain, the crossing of root, stone or rut.
It will allow the child to skate, to go down or to climb easily from it.

  • frame : Aluminum 6061 T4/T6 Double butted.
  • Frame colour : Green anodization.
  • Fork : Chromo Steel.
  • AV/AR wheel : 20 ″ black rim, 32 stainless steel spokes, 20x 4 ' ' Tyre, 9mm shaft.
  • Brake AV/AR : Hydraulic TEKTRO HD-M285-F Disc 160mm.
  • handlebar : Black anodized Alu, black diameter 31.4 rise 80 width 690mm.
  • Grip : Double Lock-on handles.
  • stem : Forged aluminum 31.8, black anodized angle 17 °.
  • Steering Game : Semi-integrated, 1.1/8 ″ ~ 1.5 ″ black anodised HEAD tapper.
  • foot rest : Reinforced Grip.
  • Full weight : 12, 5kg


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