Products cut for four Seasons rentals

We offer a service of quality, a sales offer, but also of the renting * during the Season.

* The rental is only reserved for professionals and only on Non-electric

A quality service

We assemble partially or totally our products, so we can assure you the availability of spare parts.
Professionals or individuals can order spare parts by mail at this address:
The delivery time after order will be within 24 or 48h by Carrier.
Electric side, Our batteries are also assembled in France which through our partner ensures us a quality of service and a very good responsiveness.

Training in our workshops

The mechanics on a scooter is simple but the advice of the builder will bring you a better control of your work Tool.
Our team will be happy to welcome you in our workshop, a service included in our Pro Offer.

We are listening to you

Our range has evolved thanks to your remarks, to your needs, we thank you for your feedback.
We are listening to you to determine the best models that will suit you, in electric version or Not.
Because it is your project, on a specific geographical area, with your targeted clientele, taking into account the image you want to give to your activity as we develop different models.
Our team will be available by mail or by phone from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 6pm off day ferried to advise you commercially or technically.
Our team will welcome you in our workshop by Appointment.